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Respark My Marriage

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Over half of marriages in the western world will end in divorce. There is an ever increasing trend of marriage losing it’s sacredness and becoming a disposable “thing that people do” entered into on a whim. If you are reading these pages it is likely that you feel your marriage needs a kick or a boost. Well help is at hand at Respark My Marriage we believe in the sanctity of marriage we don’t want to let your marriage become another statistic. These pages are packed full of brilliant free advice and excellent tips, whether your marriage merely needs some sparks rekindling or is in major crisis DEFCON 1 mode we are here to help.


We cover a range of topics:

  • Marriage Tips for Men

  • Marriage Tips for Women

  • Why did she leave me?

  • The one simple trick that will help you fix your marriage

  • How to save your marriage

  • Living in a sexless marriage

  • The 5 tips you need to put into action to reignite passion today