Respark Your Marriage

Respark Your Marriage

As the old saying goes the couple that “plays together stays together”. This is true as it is the act of playing be it flirting, joking about or of a sexual nature that keeps the spark alive in a marriage. Couples who have been together for many years often say the spark has died or they are not in love like they used to be. The key to sustaining any marriage til you are old grey and toothless together is keeping this passion going. If you feel that the love has gone out of your marriage here is some ways to respark your marriage today.


Now dig out some wedding photos take a look at yourselves are you the same person as you were then. Obviously we all age but things like weight and some aspects of physical appearance are within our control. If you are overweight put yourself in your partners shoes imagine it the other way around would you still be as physically attracted to them? Be honest. Now you can accuse them of being hollow and superficial but to some degree physical attractiveness in terms of maintaining body hair, keeping weight in check and personal grooming all need to be looked at. Too often people fall into the trap of he or she will have to accept me as I am. Wake up! This may have been the case 100 years ago but now it is no big deal to announce you are getting a divorce. Brittney Spears seems to have one a week these days!


If you have let yourself go it can be often difficult to admit it and there may be self esteem issues that you need to deal with also. This attitude of not caring may have also seeped into your general demeanor and this may translate as you being lackluster in bed, having no self confidence and lacking energy to do anything fun. Once you begin to address these issues the spark will not only be back in the marriage but in you as a person. People will begin to notice and comment on your youthful demeanor.


Now of course you do not have to go out and starve yourself til you are a size zero or have abs like Schwarzenegger or hit the liposuction and get a facelift. Be realistic. Tone up, get groomed and wear more flattering clothes. Your partner sees you lounging about in your slob tracksuit or sweats once you get fitted with some figure hugging threads they will take notice.


Outside of the marriage you need to develop passion for other pursuits. Be it working out, a new sport or hobby. Once you devote time to being passionate at something it will show in your being. Also the new interest can hopefully be something you and your partner eventually do together. Creating a common bond and shared interest.


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A lot of people find meditation can help re-establish this energy in a much shorter time commitment than therapy or other psychological means. TM or transcendental meditation states that in two 20 minute sessions a day you can access powerful states in which you have access to unlimited resources. It is definitely worth checking out a wide range of celebrities and successful people promote the practice with no direct benefit to themselves. People such as Russell Simmons, Jerry Seinfeld and Russell Brand all subscribe to TM.


Here are some top tips to respark your marriage:

Think back to when you first met remember the excitement and thrill of not being able to wait to get your hands on each other. You should recreate this, tease your partner send a flirty text let him/her know what you want to do next time you see them. Be cheeky take things back to the early stages when everything was new and fun.

  • Be romantic – too many people forget how to be romantic they get caught up in equating romance to giving gifts. This is not the case being romantic can range from holding a door open, cooking a nice meal or even running a hot bath after your partners long day at work. Be creative when looking to respark your marriage.
  • Have date nights. Too many couple forget how to date. Again they equate it to spending lots of money. When you first met often the best dates were the cheapest ones. Walks on the beach eating ice creams, going to the funfair, even free days out like a museum visit can be a fun place to spend time together and reconnect and respark your marriage.
  • Try new things together. Be it new countries, new foods or even new sexual positions. Expand, explore and grow together do not underestimate the power of broadening horizons together. This creates wide rapport also for more information on wide rapport check out this article.
  • Remember touching goes beyond the confines of the bedroom. Holding hands, an arm around the shoulder on the couch or massages can respark your marriage straight away.


The feelings of intimacy and unison created by these tips along with the rejuvenated you will have you fighting your way back into the bedroom in no time and having a long loving passionate relationship. You will no longer need to respark your marriage as it will be burning bright for all to see.

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